WOD (workout of day) 3 little letters that became my motivation at crossfit, I remember my first workout like it was yesterday even though it has been 5 years almost to the day.  I was about the same age – a little older than some of the newbies in the new RAMP class, I remember my confidance going up with each activity that I completed, the pride I felt as other people puked and could not complete the runs… the pride, my ego grew with each task I completed.  I was invincible…. or so I thought.  I worked out 3-4 times a week, slowly going from last to toward the middle of the class for completing the WOD’s and I was feeling great.  I had many health restrictions at the time due to several surgeries, etc that most of the instructors were aware of and I was even assigned a workout mentor to help keep an eye on my form to avoid injuries… sounds great!  My back started to bother me after a couple weeks – “no pain no gain” right?  Hell, I can do this, I am no longer a weak woman in mom jeans, just work harder, focus, push through the pain…   So part of this day’s WOD was deadlifts… do as many as you can for specific time then increase the weight with each set…. which I did, was I in pain… YUP, was I gonna quit?  Hell no, was I being watched by my trusted staff?  I thought so but sadly … NO!!!  Too late I realized I was not.  This particular day the owner came in with his dog, I had never worked out with him before and he was more interested in what the dog was doing than what I was doing… so since no one stopped me to correct my form I kept going…. this is where I own my actions, I  SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY BODY, but I LISTENED TO MY EGO, keep going, “you got this” I would silently say to myself, don’t be a wuss, show them how strong you are!  I could blame the gym, the coach, my mentor and maybe they all have some ownership, but ultimately, I am in charge of myself and my actions… I didn’t listen and then it was too late – something gave in my back, I didn’t know at the time as I had never had back issues, but apparently it was brewing for awhile and I had just deadlifted one too many times… In the blink of an eye my world was about to change…

Author: myjourneybacktomyself15

I'm a journey to rediscover my identity, to overcome pain from too much surgery, CDiff and self limiting behavior. I am lucky enough to have a family to inspire me, as well as 2 rescue pibbles who need me to get back to me.

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