5 year anniversary – post op

Five years have passed today from that fateful day of that “simple procedure” that put me on this path.  I don’t think its a coincidence that my Spirit Angel,  Effie gifted me a piece of petrified wood from the Sedona Vortex this week, as wood is also the traditional gift to give for a 5th wedding anniversary!



The energies of Petrified Wood will give you stability and help you recognize the best solutions for your problems.

It will give you the strength and courage to pursue them determinedly.

This stone is very beneficial to those who are impatient in waiting for the fruits of their hard work. It will give you the commitment to wait for your inner transformation to take place.

It will strengthen your backbone, both in a physical and metaphysical sense. It will also promote discipline and self-will.

As I write this, I am no longer filled with thoughts of the things I can no longer do… don’t get me wrong the longing comes and goes but it no longer defines or consumes me.  I can do so much more than I realize, albeit, I do things with chronic pain, things take me longer and the recovery is longer, but that could be attributed to my age as well uggghhh.  Truth is, every year we have celebrated the anniversary of that day for the last several years, but this year I didn’t feel the need to as it’s really in the past and I would like to leave it there!  I don’t need May 6th to keep lurking over my shoulder, the date will forever be in the memory banks as living this new normal.  I am reminded every day upon opening my eyes and feeling the familiar pain and finding the familiar rhythm of working through it.  But lets be honest to quote Robin Roberts “everybody’s got something” so enough looking back, I’m looking forward, I have a 5K to train for, my oldest son is getting married and I have a great life here in the present and it’s time to start focusing on just living in the moment!  So I celebrate this accomplishment and leave it in the past.  Onward and upward, I’ve got a race to run!

Author: myjourneybacktomyself15

I'm a journey to rediscover my identity, to overcome pain from too much surgery, CDiff and self limiting behavior. I am lucky enough to have a family to inspire me, as well as 2 rescue pibbles who need me to get back to me.

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